Top Drones To Buy For Novice and Professional Use In 2018

Remember a couple of years ago when the coolest piece of equipment you could buy was a Go Pro? A camera that could go on any adventure and came with dozens of mounts including chest straps, head straps, attachments for bikes and surfboards and more. Well move over GoPro and earth bound mounts because the new craze sweeping the globe is to own a personal drone. Yes, now you can own your own drone enabling you to take photos and make videos with an aerial view while using a remote that is actually less complicated than the remotes now made for X-Box.

All drones have many of their key features in common; they are operated by remote control or from a smart phone, they either come with a built in camera or an attachment, and they fly. However, since these products have started to make a profit now more companies are jumping on board the drone train. Now there are over a dozen personal drones to choose from so we’re going to help you find the right one for you in this article.

DJI Mavic Pro

Let’s start with the drone that is advertised as being the most compact and easy to transport. The Mavic Pro made by DJI, from the same company that makes the Phantom series of drones, which we discuss later in this article, the Mavic Pro is designed to be more compact and is recommended for travelers. Its overall dimensions when unfolded are 9.45×7.1×11.4, the propellers and wings fold in on themselves making the Mavic around the same size as a bottle of water, and weighing in at 1.64 pounds it is lighter than many other models.

The Mavic Pro comes with a built in camera as well as a mount to attach a smart phone, though I should add that customers have reported that the mount is hard to use and is too loose while the built in camera’s lens is too narrow for wide angle shots.

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DJI Phantom 4

As mentioned above DJI is also the manufacturer of the Phantom line of personal drones, the most recent of which is the Phantom 4. Compared to its portable younger brother the Phantom 4 is much larger with dimensions of 12.8×8.66×14.96 and a total weight of 8.82. The parts of the drone’s body are locked in place including the attached landing gear and cannot be folded in order to make transport easier. When it c comes to quality however there are some improvements with the Phantom 4.

This drone can fly up to 45 mph and has a built in feature that senses if there is something in its way, the camera is also built for wide angle shots and even has a slow motion feature for video. Both drones cost just under a 1,000$ so they both have positives and negatives. I should note that the Phantom 4 using a rechargeable battery that will eventually need to be replaced, replacement batteries are about 180$ and should the camera get damaged there is no way to replace it, you would need to buy a new drone.


Yuneec Typhoon H

Let’s move away from DJI for now and look at some of the drones created by a brand called Yuneec. First up is the Yuneec Typhoon h, voted the Best in Quadcopters, otherwise known as drones, by multiple publications the Typhoon h has so many great features. It can stay in the air for roughly 25 minutes before needing to recharge and can be easily programmed for multiple task. You as the controller can tell it to fly in circles around you takes aerial selfies or you can give it a point of destination, regardless it will be programmed to focus on a specific point the entire time even if that point moves. The Typhoon h has a camera with 4K resolution and 12-megapixel quality and the camera itself is cable of rotating 360 degrees. All of these features do come with a high price tag, the Typhoon h will set you back over 1,300 dollars and that before you add in any extras. Still it is well worth the price, I will also add that this drone might not be right for a light weight traveler as it does weigh in at 12 pounds.


Yuneec Tornado

Also made by Yuneec is the Yuneec Tornado, let me first say that this is not a copter designed for the everyday photographer or for people who only want to take some cool pictures. The Tornado is made for professional photographer and videographers who specialize in aerial photography.

The Tornado comes with no built in camera and instead comes with mounts to attach a full DSLR camera, it is geared for Samsung cameras but could probably be retrofitted for other compact DSLR’s.

The landing gear on this copter is retractable so as not to interfere with the camera, and this copter comes with six rotating blades to add more lift and speed. As I said this copter is considered to be professional grade which accounts for it 21-pound weight and 3,500$ price tag.

Yuneec Breeze

Last but certainly not least comes the Yuneec Breeze. The Breeze is the exact opposite of its professional counterpart in that is designed for the everyday user. The Breeze is perfect for individual use, its small size and weight only 3.3. pounds make it easy to use for travelers. It is also the most affordable of the drones reviewed here coming it at only 350$. The Breeze also has an easy to use app which makes it possible to immediately download, edit and share the photos and videos that it takes. The one downside I will note is that the Breeze only has a 12-minute battery life and it does have limited range but for personal photography and selfies like the ones you see on Instagram this drone is perfect.


So there you have the Best Drones to Buy in 2017, whether you are a professional or you just want those aerial shots of you and your friends floating on inner tubes in the Caribbean then chances are there is a drone that is perfect for you. I hope you found this article to be informative and helpful in your search for the right drone.

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