Secure Your Home With The Best Smart Home Locks of 2018

Schlage Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt

Schlage Home Lock Company has been at the forefront of lock development since 1920, so it’s no surprise that one of their products is at the top of this list. Upon purchase, you’ll have the option of two different designs, the sleek and modern Century or the more retro styled Camelot, and up to six different types of finishes.

Installing the Connect should be a simple procedure for anyone remotely acquainted with a screwdriver and just a bit of DIY knowledge. Of course, this can depend on your door, and there may be cases where you need additional knowledge of locksmith and woodworking. What you may find more difficult is programming in the user codes. But the Connect does come with a handy instruction manual, and everything is laid out for you in an easy-to-understand manner.

In terms of performance, Schlage really makes using the front door an easier experience. You can use a four-digit code to unlock your door, and it auto-lock itself as it closes, something that the absent minded will appreciate. What’s more amazing is it’s Z-wave technology compatibility, allowing you to connect it to your home automation system. By doing this, you can unlock your door for a visitor using your smartphone, even when you’re nowhere near your front door.

August Smart Lock

August was one of the first companies to pioneer a keyless front door, and keyless access remains an important part of their latest August Smart Lock. With August you can unlock or lock your door by creating a virtual key. You can also duplicate the key for anyone to use, like guests or family members.

August is compatible with many of the largest home automation brands, like Alexa and Nest. And when you sync it to your smartphone, the smart lock monitors and keeps track of anyone which comes and goes. By combining the virtual key with a unique code for each person, you’ll not only know when your front door was used but also who used it.

Like Schlage, August also features an auto-lock system for peace of mind. And it’s amazingly easy to install, without any sort of wiring needed. The product works via a battery and you’re notified well in advance when it needs replacing.

Samsung Ezon

A company traditionally well-known for its range of electronics, Samsung has recently branched into the smart home lock industry. And the Samsung Ezon is the result of extensive testing and R&D.

Whilst the other popular brands like to Schlage and August like to split their features between improving ease of use and quality of life as well as home security, the Samsung Ezon is definitely a ton more serious about the home protection aspect. Not only is there a code number combination of up to 12-digits, but you can also set up a multi-level security code entry for those who are particularly worried about their home security.

And not only that, the Samsung Ezon also comes with a personal burglar alarm (via an inbuilt magnetic sensor) and a handy fire alarm. It really does take into consideration all sorts of danger which could harm your home.

Kwikset Kevo

The Kwikset Kevo is one of the few smart home locks which operates via Bluetooth. It’s similar to other products in that it’s easy to install and operate, and comes with an instruction manual which makes the difficult concepts easy to explain.

What really separates the Kevo from its competitors is its intelligent location detector. The smart lock can be sync to your phone in order to detect when you are outside of your before unlocking the door. And it does so automatically, meaning that you can leave your phone in your pocket. It’s advanced SmartKey Security System also protects against potential brute force entries and also a host of other undetectable methods of entering your home.


Ultraloq is another Bluetooth operated smart lock that’s designed for both flexibility and convenience. And because of this, it doesn’t shoe hole you into a single security system. Rather, it gives you the freedom to choose how to manage your front door’s lock, from a state-of-the-art fingerprint system to a code, or even via your smartphone.

It really does take the concept of a keyless door lock seriously. And, unlike other smart locks, Ultraloq is built for low energy consumption, and can even continue working in the unlikely event of a power outage.

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