Secret Lab Titan Review – Is This The Best Office/Gaming Chair?

SecretLab is a relatively new company to the gaming/office chair space. Founded in 2014 Secretlab have grown pretty quickly by providing quality, style and customer service at an affordable price.

If your looking for a gaming or office chair the SecretLab Titan is defiantly something you want to check out. It’s a bit pricey compared to other gaming chairs however the price is a reflection of the quality.

Most gaming or office chairs offered today either provide style over substance or substance over style. What drew me to the SecretLab Titan was that it offer outstanding looks with real ergonomic features providing the perfect balance.

You will notice that these chairs don’t look like your typical gaming chair, they offer a sleek professional feel that offer chairs don’t offer. Typical examples are the AKRacing chairs which lets be honest look very teenage racing which wont suite the older generation of gamer’s or office workers.

The SecretLab Titan is available in a range of colors and i opted for the “stealth” look which offers a lovely black, carbon and red stitching finish which looks absolutely gorgeous. You can also purchase it in Orange/Black,  Blue/White and Ash color.


Lumbar support you say

The main reason i opted for this chair was the adjustable lumbar support. Having used a cheap office chair and a normal dinning room chair for a number of years my posture and back have started to pay the price. With a forward slouched position and constant low back pain i knew something needed to change.

The adjustable lumbar support proves a firm well fitted padding area that my low back defiantly appreciates. The support fits nicely with the curve of my back allowing my important support position of my spin and back to be in constant contact with the back of the chair.

Other chairs that market this feature only offer a removable cushion which doesn’t really offer the support needed to accommodate various spin curves. The Titan offers true lumbar support in this area.

To adjust to lumbar support all you need to do is turn the knob at the side of the chair left or right and the support moves in and out.

Comfort, oh yeah

When you first sit on the chair you may be forgiven for thinking this is a rather stiff, hard chair. However its deigned to provide support. The chair uses cold-cure foam technology. This basically means the cushion is molded form individual molds  where as foam seats mass produced and cut to size, over time they loose their shape or sag, cold-cure foam wont loose its shape over time and is generally only found in high end chairs and recliners. That’s another pro for the titan.

The chair is comfortable when you first use it, after a few weeks the chair starts to increase its comfort levels as the foam begins to settle making it a really enjoyable experience to sit in for long periods of time. As i work from home and sit for a few hours on end the chair really gives me the support i need to remain focused and less fidgety.


Well the SecretLab Titan is packed full of features that really show how the company have thought about the end user. The chair will recline to an almost 90 degree position while remaining sturdy. Even in this position you never feel like your going to tip over. Its easy to see why people may fall asleep if they get too comfortable in this position.

The arm rests have a 4d adjustment level. This means they can go up, down and swivel allowing for the perfect adjustment to rest your elbows. Some people have complained that there is not enough padding on the arm rest however i have no issues here. To me they are comfortable and offer the required support.

The chair also boast a tilt mechanism and allows you to lock this position at any angle, perfect for when you need to relax. You can also adjust the amount of pressure required to tilt to chair back, allowing you to fine tune the movement to your requirements.


The chair can very well packaged with foam covering all important elements of the chair. The instructions provided are printed on high quality material and give clear instruction steps on how to build the chair. Its recommended that 2 people assemble the chair but being the rebel am i, just me my self and i built the chair in about 10 minutes.

If you do get stuck they provide a link to their YouTube channel with explains the build process in depth.


Secret lab have gone above and beyond with their level of service providing free 2 year warranty and 14 day return policy tho i suspect most people never have to use this judging on the build and material equality.

Customer support is typically answers within 24 hours so and pre sales or after sales question are delt with promptly.

I also like the fact that every person to leave a review of the chair on the SecretLab website have been given a personal reply. Given that the fact that their over 415 reviews at the time of writing this is pretty good service in my book.

SecretLab also provide spare parts for those who’ chairs are out of warranty. The prices for these are very reasonable. With the most expensive parts being the multi functional tilt mechanism and the 4D arm rest coming in at £71.

What i think

For me the SecretLab Titan fills a gap in the market and expands to either side of the spectrum. It caters for those who want a office chair without the young gaming looks and also appeals to gamer’s that want the gaming style chair that looks insanely good.

The quality is top of the line with the cold core foam, quality materials and stitching with full support for your spin and back. Yes its more on the high end price line but you get what you pay for and with the SecretLab Titan you get 100% quality and ergonomics.



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