KEF MUO Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Review – Small Speaker With Big Sound

The MUOS wireless speaker from KEF is a descendant of the British manufacturer’s high-end MUOn speakers, which were released in 2008.

Labeled the best portable wireless speaker of 2016, the KEF MUO wireless speaker is a small speaker that uses wireless Bluetooth technology. Despite its minute size, the KEF MUO wireless speaker delivers significantly high volume levels.

Similar to the KEF MUOn Speakers, this KEF MUO wireless speaker is designed for the high-end market and is thus pricier compared to other wireless speakers on the market. Designed by Ross Lovegrove, this speaker comes with a plethora of impressive features that have earned it a spot atop the wireless speaker food chain.

The Design

The KEF MUOr wireless speaker boasts of a design similar to that of its pricier and bulkier sibling the KEF MUOS. In this regard, this wireless speaker features an hourglass design with perforated dots on its grille. However, measuring 3.1 inches in height, 8.3 inches in width and 2.3 inches in depth, the KEF MUO wireless speaker is significantly smaller than its pricier sibling.

Additionally, weighing 1.8 pounds, the KEF MUO is lightweight and compact enough to be carried in a handbag or a rucksack. The speaker is offered in gray, gold, orange, blue and silver color variants and its rounded triangular design adds to its overall design aesthetics.

Capable of standing both horizontally and vertically, the speaker has a rubberized end and a non-rubberized end. The rubberized end prevents it from shaking while in use. The non-rubberized end, on the other hand, houses the volume and power control buttons as well as a power indicator.

Sound Quality

Inside the speaker’s aluminum body are two 5 mm drivers and a bass radiator. The two are responsible for the speaker’s exceptionally brilliant sound quality. The drivers on this speaker are designed to be of the same quality as KEF’s legendary Uni-Q drivers. Therefore, the two drivers have a rather unique design. While one 50 mm driver is used for high-end frequencies, the other is used for low end frequencies. The low frequency driver then feeds into the bass radiator.

Thanks to this design, the KEF MUO wireless speakers reach a reasonably high bass floor. Additionally, this speaker is capable of playing loud volumes. The speaker also delivers excellent treble and mid quality and can fill a room with rich, clear and crisp sound. The acoustically inert aluminum shell of the speaker adds to its high-quality audio performance.

This speaker also features a digital to analog converter housed inside an aluminum shell. According to the manufacturer, the speaker is equipped with an internal sensor that optimizes the sound to fit its orientation. In essence, the sensor will optimize the sound based on whether the speaker is placed in a horizontal or vertical position.

It is important to note that the sub-bass sound of this speaker is not massive. However, considering the size of the speaker and its lack of a sub-woofer, this is to be expected. Furthermore, when delivering full sound, the speaker tends to vibrate. It is for this reason that the underside of the speaker has rubber pads. It is recommended to place the speaker in a horizontal position to minimize the vibrations. When placed in a horizontal position the speaker sounds more balanced and focused.

Despite its vibrations, the speaker still delivers a crisp and clean audio quality. At lower volumes, the vibrations decrease, and the speaker is more stable.

Bluetooth Connectivity

As a wireless speaker, the KEF MUO relies on wireless Bluetooth technology. Specifically, the speaker features Bluetooth 4.0 with aptx. This connection is ideal for devices with a superior Bluetooth connectivity. For range, the speaker has an impressive wireless range of 10 meters.

The pairing process is quick and effortless, and it is possible to link two KEF MUO speakers for a more detailed 3-tone sound. When two KEF MUO speakers are linked, users have the option of choosing between stereo or party mode. When two KEF MUO speakers are placed in a vertical position the set in the stereo mode. The linking of two speakers can take anywhere between 20 to 40 seconds.

Pairing the speaker to other devices is easily done especially using Near Field communication technology. Although this speaker uses wireless Bluetooth technology, it also features a 3.5 mm jack port. This port is compatible with the 3.5 mm cable, which has to be purchased separately. Moreover, the speaker is able to remember up to 8 different devices connected to it.

Power Options

Included in the KEF MUO wireless speaker package are an instructions manual, a USB cable, a power adapter and a battery. The latter battery keeps the speaker powered for an impressive 12 hours. Charging of the speaker is done through a Micro-USB available on the speaker.

To improve the battery life the speaker is designed to automatically shut off when it is not in use. The battery performs well off the box and does not have any charging complications when left unused for extended periods of time.


The KEF MUO is a pricey piece of audio hardware. This is especially when it is compared to other portable wireless speakers on the market. Nevertheless, the speaker’s rich and sound quality makes it worth its hefty price tag. Additionally, it is interesting to note that due to its audio configuration, this speaker is not designed for all.

The speaker is specifically designed to be used as a portable main speaker delivering high volumes. Individuals interested in buying a speaker with low or moderate volume quality should consider buying other speakers available.

The KEF MUO was introduced to be a high-quality alternative to cheaper wireless speakers. As such, differs significantly from the majority of wireless speakers the offer low sound definition. Impressively, the KEF MUO does this without compromising on size and portability.

Nevertheless, there exist other cheaper options that produce a sound quality almost similar to that of the KEF MUO. Also, the speaker cannot create deep bass sounds on certain tracks while on other tracks the speaker’s low-mids produces a powerful thump that appeals to most. In conclusion, the KEF MUO wireless speaker is a great speaker for high-end speaker users.

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