Keep Track of Your Energy Usage With The Best Smart Thermostats For 2018

When buying a thermostat, people tend to look at most benefits of the thermostat such as Wi-Fi connectivity, easy installation, affordability, programmable options just to mention but a few.

Well, these are some of the features that come with the latest cooling and heating equipment. We are all trying hard to keep up with the current trends while keeping in mind the affordability and simplicity of what we want to buy. Just to make your work easy, here is a list on some of the best thermostats in the market today.

The Nest Thermostat

If you are looking for a highly performing thermostat that will not only save your money but also your energy, then think of the Nest Thermostat.

The Nest Thermostat is designed in a way that it automatically adjusts to your life by learning how you adjust its temperatures during different times of the day and with time it learns to adjust itself without you having to touch it. It’s easy to install and has an app that makes it easy for you to operate at the comfort of your home or office and even when your away from home.

The nest also has sensors that automatically locates your whereabouts and adjusts itself to save energy.

It has a brand new feature called the farsight that lights up when you enter the house and can show you temperature, time and weather. This thermostat also gives you an update on how you have used your energy throughout the month and you can know which days you used the most energy and which days you used less and opt for a better energy saving mechanism.

The Ecobee Smart Thermostat

This is another smart thermostat which is Wi-Fi enabled and has sensors that enables it to control its motion around the house.

It has a modern touch with its beautiful black, rectangular design and a touchscreen interface. The remote sensors helps it to know whether your home or away hence adjusting its temperature accordingly.

Through the user dashboard, you can view your general expenditure hence make adjustments to save money and energy. The phone app also gives you updates on temperature changes and you can get alerts on your phone in case of extreme changes in temperature.

Honeywell 7-Day Program thermostat

Although relatively cheaper than other smart thermostats, Honeywell smart thermostat does not disappoint in its operations.

With a bright and beautiful LCD screen that makes it easy to read the temperature changes in your house. You can easily program it to suit your needs and tastes thanks to the 7 day programming feature.

It has a mobile app that enable you operate it while away from home and it also notifies you of several temperature changes in your home and even outdoor humidity and temperature. The Wi-Fi connectivity helps you connect to various internet enabled devises and you can easily get latest updates and extreme temperature alerts.

With the help of a C wire and a 24 hour volt system, you can easily install it in your house and solve all your heating and cooling problems. This thermostat is not only pocket friendly but also combines high technology and simplicity.

Sensi Smart Thermostat

With the mobile app support that enables you control it anywhere you like, the Sensi thermostat allows you to program it on your on giving you the freedom of choosing how you like your temperature settings and also saves you money.

It’s easy to install and operate with a pair of AA batteries hence allowing you to spend less money on electricity.

The Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to get updates about new features as well as a dashboard that helps you check on your expenditures and savings and also the temperature in your home.

Honeywell Z-Wave enabled thermostat.

With the absence of C-wire, this thermostat is easy to install even in the difficult places of the house.

You can use it with any internet enabled device such as a smartphone or tablet and use it while you are away from home.

It helps you control the lighting, cooling and heating in your home. It also has a simple interface that enables you to control the temperature on a 7-day programming. Not forgetting to mention the large and clear backlit display.

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