DJI Mavic Pro Review – Possibly The Best Drone Ever

The DJI Mavic Pro is a revolutionary drone that has been dubbed as the ”little F18.” This quad-copter has been crafted is a sleek compact design that gives it great aerodynamics to enable it fly for longer distances than ordinary drones.

The compact size also makes it highly portable as you can fold it and tuck it in your pockets with ease. You can fold it It Its performance is superb courtesy of the 24 high performance core and a new transmission technology equipped with an impressive and unique 12MP 4k camera with 5 vision sensors and a 3-axis mechanical gimbal for clear unobstructed recording. This camera can record Full HD videos from 4.3 miles and has a top speed of 40mph. Controls are on your fingertips with the gesture control feature that allows you give the quad-copter commands using gestures.

In terms of connectivity, the DJI incorporated WiFi capabilities and DJI Go app compatibility. The Mavic Pro is actually among DJI’s best quad-copters of all time.

Here is our DJI Mavic Pro Review

About the manufacturer

The DJI Mavic Pro has been manufactured by Dà-Jing Innovations Science and Technology Co., Ltd. DJI is a household name in the manufacture of premium civilian drones and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)


Compact, Lightweight & Foldable design The DJI Mavic Pro sports an efficient design that gives it optimized propulsion and most importantly, advanced power management to help it fly for long and at high speeds. It measures 9.8 x 9.7 x 4.5 inches and weighs only 1.6lbs

FlightAutonomy Technology

Unlike ordinary drones that get wrecked when they hit unseen obstacles, the Mavic Pro has been engineered with FlightAutonomy technology that prevents it from hitting unseen obstacles. This technology works by sensing obstacles from up to 45ft (15m) away and bypasses them or brakes to allow it hover and avoid accidents.

12MP Camera

With the Mavic Pro, you can capture the best quality images even from high altitudes irregardless of the distance between the object and the drone. This quad-copter has an impressive 12MP camera that supports different image formats.

4K Video Recording

Among The Mavic’s greatest features is the 4k video recording capabilities. With this drone, you can record Full HD (1080P) videos with ease. If you are worried about blurred image capture, it has an ultra-precise 3-axis gimbal that stabilizes the camera even when recording at high speeds.

ActiveTrack Subject Tracking Modes

The Mavic Pro has been built with ActiveTrack Subject Tracking Modes that can help it detect its subjects. This helps users get a variety of shots from different angles as you can programme the camera to focus and capture shots of specific subjects. It has 3 modes; Trace, Profile and Spotlight

‘Selfie’ Mode

The DJI Mavic also has a’Selfie’ mode that allows users to take ‘selfies’ easily. The Mavic has been designed to detect subjects and capture images and videos when given the command to do so through gestures. It has 3 light signals that flash before a 3-soconds allowance before it starts capturing.

Sport Mode

This quadcopter has a Sport mode that allows it to fly at high speeds to capture all the action as it happens. This mode can come in handy when capturing sports events like racing as it can do a sprint from one point to another. Just the ability of moving from one point to another make it a great camera that can capture many events at a go.

Precision Landing

The Mavic Pro is one intelligent drone that knows its home.You can set it out for recording to far distances and still give it commands to come back to where you are with the precision landing feature. This feature uses two downward sensors that record a burst of video of the ground and pairs it with the satellite coordinates to enable it trace where is was launched from.

DJI GO Mobile App Compatibility

With the Mavic Pro, you can easily view what its recording in real time with the DJI GO Mobile App. You also get full control of the quadcopter right from your smartphone. This can help you redirect it and focus the view to your preferred location and subjects.

Tap Flying

You can also connect the Mavic Pro with your smartphone to allow you direct the drone remotely. This is so easy and convenient as you only need to swipe the screen to the left, right, up or down and it will move accordingly.

DJI Goggle Compatibility

If you want a fully immersive eagle view, you can choose to wear the DJI Goggle FPV goggles that are designed to display the camera’s aerial view. This feature uses the built-in OcuSync Technology that links the goggles to the Mavic directly for actual viewing at a wide angle of 85-degrees with a delay of only 120ms.

Intelligent Flight Batteries

DJI engineered the Mavic with great Intelligent Flight Batteries that help it fly for a cool 27mins, longer than ordinary quadcopters. It has a built-in battery-management system that ensures efficiency. The system also has a variety of protection and maintenance mechanisms bearing in mind that LiPo batteries require much care.

Shoot. Edit. Share.

This quadcopter enables you to shoot, edit and share photos and videos with ease. It comes with video management and photo editing templates to enable you edit all your content and share them on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and more.


  • Compact, foldable design
  • Excellent image quality with ‘selfie’ mode
  • 4k video recording
  • Longer flying distance
  • Gesture control
  • Collision avoidance
  • Smartphone compatibility


  • Limited smartphone connectivity in bad weather


The DJI Mavic is not your ordinary drone. It has been crafted in a compact and lightweight design that makes it easily portable and most importantly, contributes to the quadcopter’s aerodynamics.

It comes equipped with a great 12MP camera and supports 4k video recording. With a 3-axis gimbal stabilizer that ensures you get still images even when shooting at high speeds.

When it comes to controls and connectivity, you are not limited. It is also powered by a powerful LiPo battery that can fly it up to 27 minutes making it such a great drone. In a nutshell, the Mavic Pro is worth every of your penny. I would recommend this drone to anyone looking for a solid, versatile and high performance quad-copter!

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