Control Your Home With The Best Smart Home Hub of 2018

With changes in time and technology, everybody is striving to stay up to date with the latest smart home devices.

Here are 5 of the best smart home hub of 2017 that connect all your devices to work in a uniformed way once you have the app that acts like a centralized remote control with the help of Wi-Fi connectivity.

Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo is a Bluetooth speaker which works with thermostat and some LED bulbs. It’s relatively cheaper than all the other devices yet can still connect to a variety of smart home devices.

It has a far-field microphones with the ability to pick up your voice from any corner of the room. It also has the ability to switch your lights on and off, read news headlines, weather updates, sports news and give information about local businesses and more using the Alexa voice service.

With Amazon Echo, you can ask for your favorite music or artist and it plays without you touching any button. You can turn on the lamp, space heater, fan and dim the lights without lifting a finger. It’s compatible with most switches, lights and even thermostats.

Samsung Smart Things hub

Samsung Smart Things hub is easy to connect and will work with almost all the devices in your home hence turning your home into a smart home. It works with IFTTT, Z-Wave, Zigbee, WI-Fi, Bluetooth, Nest and Amazon Echo.

It has a great advantage over other devises since it’s able to connect to more than 200 devices in the market. It has a battery backup enabling it to continue working even if the power goes off or you experience the need to save on electricity. It has a multi sensor which turns on the lights when you enter the house and detects you when someone enters your house in your absence.

With the Smartthings app in your mobile phone, you can easily monitor your home and get alerts on new updates. The Smartthings is also compatible with cameras enabling you to have a video footage of the events in your home hence enhancing security. The hub is easy to install and once you have internet connectivity you just connect with the router using Ethernet cable.

Google home

Google home Enables you to utalize anything in your home just by the use of voice thanks to its inbuilt high excursion speakers which serve as a great music speakers and also has far-field microphones which enables it detect voice commands from across the room.

It also has a Google assistant which enables you search for anything. It doubles up as a source of entertainment and as a smart home controller. The Google home hub works with various smart home devices including thermostats such as nest, Honeywell and even Ecobee. It works with TV and video streaming devices, smart speakers, lighting devices such as LIFX bulbs and Phillips.

Google home enables you to switch on the lights in your house, control heating, and switch on the music and your favorite TV shows just by the use of voice.

Wink Hub 2

The second generation of Wink can connect to various smart home devices such as zigbee, Z-Wave, Lutron Clear connect and kidde devices.

It can also be controlled using amazon’s Alexa. The unique design of Wink enables it to stand alone in your table. The Wink also has a smartphone app that allows you to connect to your home and see what’s happening even when you are away and also receive alerts to keep you informed.

You can easily unlock your door from anywhere and see who is at the door, automatically turn your lights on and even trigger then to turn on when it’s dark and off when the sun rises.

Lenovo Smart Assistant

A voice controlled speaker with far-field microphones to help you capture the voice whenever you need it in any direction despite the presence of music or any other background noise. Just like amazon echo, Lenovo smart assistant also works with the help of Amazon Alexa Voice Service.

Just by mentioning the word Alexa, it gives news updates, sport scores, weather updates among others. With time, Alexa learns your habits and can turn on your favorite music when you enter the house and remind you of your schedule. Lenovo Smart Assistant is highly compatible with a variety of smart devices such as thermostats, lights and switches.

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