Best Smart Light Bulbs That Wont Break The Bank

With the increasing demand of consumers for smart and energy efficient home products, several lighting and consumer electronics companies have started to introduce their smart light bulbs and lighting systems. Let’s look at some of the best ones!

Philips Hue Starter Kit

Philips Hue is not just a light bulb, it is perhaps the best known smart lighting system that is commercially available. Along with a central hub which is connected to your router, Philip’s smartphone app can be used to control and adjust three A19 screw-fit bulbs. Color, brightness, and timing of these light bulbs can be remotely accessed to change the ambiance of any room in your house.

With a straightforward setup, Philips Hue Starter Kit comes standard with three smart bulbs however you can control as much as 50 such smart bulbs. A standard kit can be bought from amazon for less than $140.

LIFX Color 1000

If you are more interested in individual smart bulbs instead of a system, LIFX Color 1000 is the way to go. Available in both bayonet and E27 fittings, LIFX makes WIFI enabled smart bulbs which can be operated via a mobile application.

The third generation LIFX smart bulbs are able to produce an impressive 1100 lumens of output while maintaining a considerably smaller form factor than its predecessors. You don’t need a hub as the bulbs are Wi-Fi enabled and communicate directly with the router.

LIFX Color 1000 also uses IFTTT technology through which users can enjoy lots of fun features like the smart bulb flashing blue light when someone mentions you on Facebook. It can also detect your arrival by turning the lights on automatically or turn them off when you leave.

Elgato Avea

Elgato Avea is another good option in you are looking for a single smart light bulb. Elgato uses a class-A rated 7W LED. Its smartphone applications let you control up to 10 such bulbs simultaneously which can also be used as an alarm.

Instead of turning on at the designated time, Elgato Avea mimics the colors and brightness of a natural sunrise. Because of its low energy consumption, the bulbs can either give of a static color tone or a mix of different colored light continuously for a long period of time. A single unit can be bought for a little over $40.

Belkin Wemo LED Lighting Starter Set

Instead of changing colors to match your mood, Belkin Wemo LED Lighting Starter Set is designed to be a replacement for florescent or incandescent bulbs.

A standard kit includes a couple of 800-lumen smart bulbs along with a Wemo link (a hub linking your bulbs to the Wi-Fi). The bulbs can be either Edison screws or bayonet. A user can make up “rules” according to which the Belkin Wemo LED system works.

These can include things like timed dimming which can control the intensity of light according to the time of the day. It is certainly a good option for anyone who is looking to replace their lighting with an energy efficient and smart lighting system.

Xiaomi Yeelight RGBW

Xiaomi is a Chinese electronics brand famous for producing high quality and durable products at a highly competitive price point. There Yeelight RGBW smart light bulb is another example of such a product.

With an output of 600 lumens, Yeelight bulbs are well built and stylish looking. These smart bulbs, along with quite a few other Xiaomi smart home products can be collectively controlled using the Xiaomi Mi Home app.

These bulbs also use Wi-Fi. At around $20, Xiaomi Yeelight RGBW smart lights are perhaps one of the most cost effective options in the market.

Smart light and Bluetooth speaker Hybrids

Gone are the days when the concept of light bulbs and speaker hybrid devices was considered stupid. In today’s market, products like Olixar Light Beats Bluetooth Speaker Bulb, Yeelight Bluetooth lamp and Lava BrightSounds 2 have really made an impact on customers as unique and innovative consumer electronic products.

Some of them even come with the option of a rechargeable battery so that both light and sound can be made available on the go. Almost all smart light and Bluetooth speaker hybrids come with a few similar functions. Interchangeable light colors with dimming function, alarm functions with both light and sound with changeable color hue and brightness, are just a few functions that Smart light and Bluetooth speaker hybrids offer.

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