Amazon Echo Review – The Digital Home Assistant Everyone is Talking About

Amazon Echo is a popular digital home assistant offering an exciting portable wireless speaker experience that is designed to offer you convenience in terms of entertainment and several other actions around your home. With its hands-free control feature, you can do anything from changing the playlist of your favorite songs to ordering a pizza without breaking a sweat. Below are the Amazon Echo’s main features showing why it might just be the best wireless home assistant ever.

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Features And Specifications

Voice activation and control

The Amazon Echo is a voice activated home assistant speaker controlled using the Alexa voice control app. The device itself has 7 high quality and super sensitive speakers that receive your voice commands allowing you to control the device from any part of the room. This microphone system also uses beam forming technology to eliminate background noise by converging and concentrating your sound waves. That way, even if you are operating the unit in a crowded and noisy room your commands will still be heard and responded to.

Echo Spatial Perception

For great surround sound effects, you may choose to have several Amazon Echo speakers in one room. So what happens when you give a command in such a room? Will all the echo’s respond at the same time or will there be some kind of confusion? In such a case, the Echo Spatial Perception feature comes in super handy. It allows the unit closest to the source of the command to respond first. After this, all the synchronized units respond simultaneously. This works because of the ESP feature and the fact that the Alexa apps on each unit are configured virtue of the fact that they are functioning within close proximity to one another.

Bluetooth connectivity and range

The Amazon Echo is Bluetooth enabled. This allows you to connect the echo to your smartphone or tablet in order to access music and other information and has a 10 m signal range.

In addition to the access to music, this connection will also allow you to access other forms of information from your phone including audio books, podcasts and even news feeds. All you have to do is to ensure that the two are synced using Bluetooth and you have all you need by simply asking Amazon Echo to access it for you.

360 degree immersive sound output

The Amazon Echo speaker has some pretty impressive sound output. The speakers direct the sound downward and outward for high quality reverberation and great distribution of sound. The result is great 360 degrees sound immersion which makes everything from emotional classical orchestra to grange rock sound awesome.

Compatible with multiple music players

The Amazon echo uses Prime Music and also Spotify to stream music. While the echo doesn’t directly support music from Apple, you can still stream using your iPhone or Ipad to connect to the echo and stream music from there.

Multiple functions

In addition to the entertainment control, the Amazon Eco device also allows you to run a number of actions with the same hands-free convenience. One of the most important of these is the Smart Home System control function. This allows you to monitor and control core features of our home, like your temperature thermostat, and the electrical wiring. That way, you can turn on the TV, open the front door or even activate the alarm by simply issuing a command to the device.

The device also comes in super handy as a personal digital assistant. This allows you to set and keep appointments and dates by issuing reminders through the speaker system. It’s like having your own personal Jarvis. It also allows you to run tasks like ordering takeout or setting online reservations. All these require connection to your smartphone or tablet using either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections.

Design, weight and dimensions

The speaker has a compact cylindrical design. This makes it easy to handle and set up on different surfaces. The frame is made out of high quality and super strong plastic material that can withstand high impact forces. So you don’t have to worry about it shattering and being destroyed in case it falls. The base of the unit is reinforced with textured rubber for improved surface grip.

Amazon Echo measures 3.3 inches length by 3.3 inches width by 9.3 inches height. It weighs a mere 2.8 pounds which makes handling very easy and convenient.


  • It is easy to use.
  • It is compatible with most smart home control systems.
  • Adaptable voice control where the Alexa app controller learns how to identify repetitive voice patterns and accents.
  • It is compatible with most smartphone operating systems.
  • It is convenient as it allows you to carry out other tasks while still controlling it.
  • It produces high quality sound.


  • The internal circuits are unprotected and therefore prone to damage when exposed to unstable currents.
  • With time, sound quality for some units deteriorates.
  • It may fail to connect to weak Wi-Fi signals making operation problematic.

Customer Reviews And Ratings

Amazon Echo is fairly new in the market but it is already generating quite a buzz among the consumers. With its 4.4 out of 5 rating, it is safe to say that most people who buy and use it absolutely love it.

Based on the reviews and comments on various online shopping sites, customers really appreciate the high quality sounds and the fact that it is super easy to use. They also appreciate Alexa’s adaptability to different voice patterns and accents which makes use even easier.

In spite of all this love Amazon Echo is receiving, there are a few complaints about the device’s lack of compatibility to several Wi-Fi networks. However, this is not a deal breaker as it isn’t a very common problem and it is a challenge that can be overcome by substituting with Bluetooth connections.

Bottom line

It goes without saying that Amazon Echo is one of the best home voice assistants. Its many amazing features ensure that you get to enjoy the services of a great personal digital assistant with high quality entertainment to sweeten the deal. So whether you want one to set the mood with good music for your party or to read out recipes for you as you cook, you can rest assured that this is an investment worth making.

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